Travel Journal

Day 2

(Friday 16 December 2011) by hattie jones
early start! pancakes for breakfast :-p. we got a taxi to the Victoria Peak where we went up in a tram. It was AMAZING!! it was a bit hazy sort of foggy so we couldn't see out far, but what we could see was great! we then got a bus to the metro station where we got a tube to Tung Chung station where we got a skyride crystal cabin (with a glass bottom) up to Ngong Ping (Big Buddah) that was fanstastic!!! he was enormous! even though i was expecting a big fat smiley buddah, :-( #DevastationAtIt'sFinest. After walking up about 1billion steps, we got right to the buddah. Then we got a taxi to the Night Market. CRAZY!! people shoving stuff in my face! bizarre. amazing though, loads of live seafood in tubs on roadsides and exotic fruits and vegetables, Wasn't brave enough to try any though. found out im actually quite a good haggler! knocked $40 off a bag :-p #TopTourist. I have had such an amazing day!! busy and packed with great experiences! Flight leaves to New Zealand tomorrow afternoon, better dig my bikini out :-p NIGHT!!!! :D <3

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