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We've arrived!

(Monday 2 January 2012) by hattie jones
America, well, LA is amazing. We arrives yesterday afternoon, i had a nap, and we wandered round the streets of Beverley Hills and Hollywood. had mexican food, then went back to the hotel and slept. Absolutely exhausted. Today we got up early, had breakfast and went to Universal Studios. It was amazing! there was so much to do and see. We went on the Studios tour which was soo interesting, saw the street set for Desperate housewives, the street where bruce almighty was partly filmed, the street sets used in wild Western cowboy films. WE saw the mechanical shark Jaws, A 4D King kong experience, an underground tram earthquake (the set was used to film an episode of Bones), we saw cars and how they are used in various films and the different stage/sound studios. Then we went on the simpsons ride experience. it was like a stimulator taking us on an animated journey of the simpsons. Then we watched Shrek 4D< that ws sooo cool! the effects were amazing! getting sneezed on and ticked by spiders... We also watched a water stunt show. We watched animal actors, famous animals! The monkey was soo cute with his big cheesy grin and his wave! Then we went into a studio and watched how they do visual effects and special effects. Well fascinating! To make my day even better i saw the grinch! decided its my favourite film. AND to make it EVEN better, i found giant gummy bears, ouldnt get the biggest one as it would be to heavy to take home, so i settles for the middle one, still 100x bigger than your average gummy bear! Such an amazing day! :-D Booked a tour up to the hollywood sign, and around celebrities houses and avenues and the star street thing for tomorrow. making our way home tomorrow aswell, :-(

  • LA by mum <3

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