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Bay of Islands

(Thursday 22 December 2011) by hattie jones
On Tuesday morning we set off up to The Bay Of Islands for 2 nights. we stopped off at The Honey Centre on the way. that was nice, even though i dont like honey... :-x We stayed in a motel called Admiral's view lodge in a small town called Paihia. It was such a lovely, hot, sunny place. We got a ferry across to Russel. It was nice too but there wasnt that much there to do. We went back to Paihia, got pizza and went back to go to bed. I was shattered :-O asleep by 8 x-| . Wednesday morning we went to a local cafe for breakfast, that was sooo yummy :-p We went back to our room, got our stuff and made our way down to the visitor centre. We got on a boat called Tutunui. which mean "Big Fun" in Maori. We were off to see some dolphins. We went on a massive round trip around the islands and the pacific ocean. we went into a small bay on the edge of the Island and we saw a "pod" (Group) of 4 dolphins. they were 4 teenage dolphins. We were given the choice to get into the water and swim with them. The guide said they were 4 lazy dolphins and werent going to be much fun. The snorkel and mask scared me 8-O so i decided not to go in. we made the right decision as the people that did swim didnt actually see the dolphins, they wer just chasing them around the bay, we actually saw the dolphins, which was amazing! :-D on our way back we saw another pod of dolphins in the ocean. They were the "Sexy boys" of the dolphins, lady dolphins favourites. they were HUGE! 8-O . we got back to shore and went back for a shower, and went back to Paihia and went to a lovely Thai restaurant. it was delicious :-p #Fatty. Another early night. This morning we had a very early start, another big cooked breakfast. :-p im gonna be soo fat 8-O we went up to Waitangi to see the Treaty house and maori stuff. that was really interesting. :-) then we went to see the Hurura falls. WOW that was impressive. Then we made our way back to Auckland :-) lazy afternoon, early night, Hopefully doing the Sky Tower tomorrow :-)

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